Diverse. Global. Trusted.

MacNeill Pride Group® is a diversified global business generally focused on sports while participating in several complimentary industries. Each of MPG’s core business platforms are the recognized leaders in their respective markets and are trusted partners to some of the world’s most recognizable brands and retailers. MPG’s markets include the consumer products industry, focused on sports accessories and consumables segment, OEM shoe manufacturers, focused on engineered shoe components and precision engineered wood components used across a variety of industries/products such as golf tees, toys, flooring, plant stakes and cigar tips. The company is also a leader in the ASI industry, custom imprinting some 500 million golf accessories annually.

Whether producing state-of-the-art sports traction technology or developing highly specialized wood products, MPG’s legacy is built on our reputation for innovation, craftsmanship and product quality, forged on high engineering standards and consistent processes. Product design, manufacturing and distribution teams enable the company to quickly develop new product solutions in response to the ever-changing needs of a diverse and growing global customer base.

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